Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete
Wet Application


Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete is a dried pre-blended, cement based shotcrete that includes carefully selected materials. Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete has greatly enhanced shooting characteristics and physical properties.


Water is added to the dry shotcrete mix at the minesite batching plant, and is either transported wet via an underground remixer to the required location; or transported dry via an underground hybrid shotcrete carrier to the working heading where it is batched to wet mix. The wet application of Ultra-Stick Shotcrete (Hybrid) is possible through two different processes. The most common process involves the wet material being pumped with a Schwing concrete pump. Air is introduced at the nozzle. The second process involves the wet material being pneumatically conveyed through an Aliva shotcrete machine.

With both processes the shotcrete impacts at high velocity resulting in a well compacted, high quality application with excellent bond properties. Ultra-Stick Shotcrete (Hybrid) may be used with fiber reinforcement (in final batching or super sacks only) to enhance load carrying capacity. It may also be used with non-caustic and alkali-free accelerators, to provide high early strengths. Some common uses include:

  • Slope stabilization
  • Initial and secondary tunnel support
  • Structural linings
  • Concrete rehabilitation


  • Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete is a dry bulk blended product with an infinite life as long as it is stored in a dry location.
  • Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete is delivered and stored at site in a dry state for on-demand batching ability.
  • Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete reduces waste with the ability to batch only the amount needed for the project.
  • Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete reduces the amount of admixtures needed to deliver the material to the jobsite.

Stickiness: Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete has vastly improved cohesion characteristics compared to conventional shotcrete. This stickiness saves time and money because:

  • Rebound is significantly reduced, resulting in lower product usage
  • Volumes are increased with wet shotcreting
Technical Data Test Method MPa PSI
Test CAN3-A23-1 4C
Compressive Strengths
1 Day 10 1,500
7 Day 24 3,500
28 Day 31 4,500
First Crack Flexural Strength ASTM 1018 6.8 986
Boiled Absorption ASTM C842 5%
Volume of Permeable Voids ASTM C842 14%
Toughness (10lbs.GSF/yd3) ASTM 1018 I - 5 4.2
I - 10 5.6
Set Times ASTM C403 Initial set 10 minutes
(3% accelerator) Final set 15 minutes  
Freeze / Thaw Resistance ASTM C555
Shotcrete 95% Acceptable 80% Ultra-Stick
Rebound Consultant's Test Vertical 5%
Overhead 10%

Ultra-Stick Hybrid Shotcrete (PDF 179KB)